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Hamas spokesman: "Kerry plan was prepared by the United States and the Israeli entity in order to eliminate the Palestinian cause"

     “Hamas has announced that it will not accept any international presence in the Palestinian territories in the event of a future political settlement, even as US Secretary of State John Kerry continues his efforts to advance his plan for peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. In an announcement posted on the website of Hamas’ Information Bureau, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said: ‘Every now and then, we hear personal suggestions from here and there about the negotiations, especially about accepting international forces after the occupation’s withdrawal. We hereby announce that we in the Hamas movement will not accept these forces, and will view them as an Israeli occupation.’ Abu-Zuhri added that ‘Kerry and his friends must reexamine their positions, as we have not authorized anyone to infringe on our rights.’
Abu-Zuhri called for the ‘establishment of a ‘comprehensive national framework, which would unite all the factions and refuse any negotiations and any agreement they may produce,’ adding that ‘we will succeed in thwarting this plot, since no Arab country will agree to a border violation of even a single inch of its land.’
Abu-Zuhri: ‘The so-called Kerry plan was prepared by the United States and the Israeli entity in order to eliminate the Palestinian cause and what is left of our nation’s rights and fundamental principles. Twenty years have already passed since [the start of] the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, and what have we gained, besides an illusion?’
The Hamas spokesman said his movement ‘will not accept any agreement that infringes on our rights, and our nation will not agree to bargain over its rights and fundamental principles. ’
In addition, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad announced their refusal of Kerry’s plan for peace in the region, at a joint demonstration held in Gaza last week.”
From Agence France-Presse