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Hamas "is not committed" to any agreement reached in Palestinian-Israeli negotiations

“[In a statement made] yesterday [Feb. 15, 2014], Ismail Haniyeh, Prime Minister of the deposed Hamas government in the Gaza Strip and deputy of the Hamas political bureau, said his movement ‘is not committed’ to any framework agreement that may be reached in the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.
During the dedication [ceremony] of the Association for Female Prisoners Released from Israeli Jails, Haniyeh said that any agreement of this kind would ‘be an injustice, whose purpose would be to support the theft of Palestinian land.’
Haniyeh asserted that they [Hamas] would not abandon or cede so much as a handbreadth of Palestine’s blessed land, and that they would not relinquish any of the Palestinian nation’s rights or fundamental principles…
Haniyeh reiterated the call to ‘adopt a comprehensive resistance in all its forms as the single strategy for liberation,’ and noted that the Palestinians have been trying to negotiate with Israel for the past twenty years, without results.”