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Abbas awards the Star of Honor to terrorist

Mahmoud Abbas, Facebook  |
A video of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas awarding the Star of Honor to Abu Ali Iyad was posted on Abbas’ Facebook page.
[The presidential decree is read aloud]: “In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate, a decree of the President of the State of Palestine, who has decided to award the commander-Martyr (Shahid), Walid Ahmad Nimr Shreim, ‘Abu Ali Iyad,’ a Star of Honor of the highest order, in appreciation of his honorable role in the national arena and in the struggle since the launch of the Palestinian revolution; in [great] appreciation of his courage and heroism in defending his homeland and people; and out of respect for his life’s work, his path and his historic sacrifice, as one of the leaders who founded the Palestinian revolution. He did not deviate from his principles until the day he died as a Martyr, may he rest in peace.”

Notes: Abu Ali Iyad was appointed head of Fatah military operations in 1966, and was responsible for several terror attacks. In a filler, official PA TV wrote the following:
"He was appointed [by Fatah] to set up military operations on the occupied lands [Israel] in 1966. He led the attack on the Beit Yosef colony [Israeli town], one of the fiercest [attacks] on Israeli colonies until then. He also led a number of operations, including the attacks on the colonies [Israeli towns] Margaliot, Manara and Kfar Giladi. When in Jordan, he carried out various military operations against the occupation’s army camps and colonies [in Israel]. He died as a
Shahid (Martyr) in 1971." Click to view
Other terrorist recipients of the Star of Honor include Abu Jihad and Nayef Hawatmeh.

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