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PA-funded Prisoners' Club: Israelis taught international donors everything about PA salaries for prisoners

Chairman of the Prisoners' Club, Qadura Fares:
     "Our second message is directed to the EU, international organizations and to the UN. They know by heart what the Israelis taught them. This is a disgrace. The Israelis (i.e., PMW reports) taught them and explained to them that the PA pays such and such canteen [amount] and pays such and such a salary to a prisoner [imprisoned] four years... When we meet with European, American or UN officials they question us. They know the stuff by heart because the Israelis taught them and explained to them that the PA supports -- according to Liberman's and Netanyahu's claims -- so-called "terrorists"... Minister [of Prisoners' Affairs] Issa Karake remembers that the British Minister of [International Relations and] Cooperation asked us about the Dadash company -- the Dadash company that operates the canteens. Meaning, they know all these facts by heart."

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