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Egyptian drama series says Zionists behind 9/11; US controls the world

Son: “[Israeli PM] Sharon knows how to take advantage of 9/11. He can convince America that he is fighting terror. The Zionists are the ones who benefit from these events. Even from 9/11 they benefit. They are the ones who attacked the World Trade Center, to cause what is happening now.”
Father: “It’s not impossible. But don’t forget that the Zionists aren’t everything. There is a bigger and greater force: the great imperialist interests. Today America is playing the role of the Roman Empire, when it controlled the world by its influence and power.”
Son: “What should we do, father, give up?”
Father: “No! Don’t forget that during the Crusades in this region we resisted for 200 years. For 200 years there were wars. We too have the ability to resist for many years. We won’t become like the Indians (Native Americans), put in cages for the world to watch, as they are doing now in Guantanamo. Click here to view