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Fatah spokesman accuses Hamas of taking positions that benefit Israel

Headline: Assaf: “The overlap between the positions of Hamas and [those of] the occupation”
“Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf said that Hamas’ view of the international peacekeeping forces (it has been proposed that international peacekeeping forces should be stationed in the territories after the creation of the Palestinian state, -Ed.) as occupying forces is identical to the position of Netanyahu, who [also] opposes [the stationing] of such forces. He noted that Hamas has thereby done Netanyahu the best possible service, which will help him obtain his goals – the prolongation of the occupation, the continuation of the settlement policy, the Judaization of Jerusalem and the takeover of the [Jordan] Valley…
Assaf called on Hamas to abandon these useless positions and to desist from speaking in two languages, because the consciousness of the Palestinian people and of our Arab nation is greater than Hamas thinks. It [Hamas] refrains from resistance, suppresses the resistance in Gaza, and protects the humiliation agreement – the ‘cessation of terror actions’ agreement – by protecting Israel’s borders with hundreds of [security] personnel. It does all this unilaterally, even though the occupation does not respect, for even a single day, the calm that Hamas [so] reveres and sanctifies.
Assaf added that anyone who joins senior occupation officials in threatening to murder President Mahmoud Abbas cannot be considered anything but a part of the occupation’s plots, whereby he was alluding to threats made by senior Hamas official Ismail Al-Ashqar against the president."