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Official PA Daily claims Palestinians lived on the land 2,300 years ago

Headline: “2,300-year-old Palestinian village discovered”
“The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced the discovery of a 2,300-year- old Palestinian village. The village was discovered during salvage excavations carried out by the Israeli authority in preparation for the laying of a natural gas pipeline from the coastal plain to Jerusalem.
It is not known why the site was abandoned, but the reasons might have been financial. As archeologist Yuval Baruch explains: ‘It is possible that the abandonment of villages and farms at the end of the Hasmonean [period] or the beginning of the reign of Herod is related to Herod’s gigantic building projects, especially in Jerusalem. We believe that a large, collective migration took place from the villages to the capital [of people who went] to work in these projects.’”