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PA minister at suicide bomber’s funeral: “We teach our children what sacrifice for Palestine is”

The funeral of terrorist Muayyad Salah Al-Din was broadcast by Al-Fajer TV and posted on YouTube on Feb. 24, 2014.
District Governor of Jerusalem and PA Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Adnan Al-Husseini: “We meet today in Hizma, in the area of Jerusalem, to welcome a Martyr (Shahid) who is dear to us and to our hearts. He has returned to his proper place, after giving Palestine all he had.
He is a true reminder for us of [all] the Martyrs and he reminds us of this long path of sacrifice, of the self-sacrificing fighters.
Each day we teach our children what sacrifice for Palestine is. This is the Palestinian people; this is this people’s culture – we always welcome [Martyrs] and part [from them.] We say to the whole world that a nation that lives on the Martyrs and generously sacrifices Martyrs will not lose its direction. It will always be free and proud. It will protect its holy sites and protect its land, every inch of it. It will not abandon , Allah willing. We will always follow the Martyrs’ path.”

Note: Muayyad Salah Al-Din - a suicide bomber who detonated himself on Nov. 8, 2001 in an Arab village in the West Bank while Israeli security forces were attempting to apprehend him. Two Israeli soldiers were wounded in the attack.

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