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Abbas rep calls murderer of 6 Israelis a “brave, heroic fighter”

Headline: "Martyr (Shahid) Sarhan Sarhan was escorted to burial in the Tulkarem refugee camp."
     "Sarhan Burhan Sarhan's father did not expect the occupation authorities to hand over his son's body ten hours before his daughter's betrothal ceremony. He said that six months ago, the occupation authorities erased his son's name twice in a row from the lists of the first and second phases of the release of Martyrs' remains, and this [was done] moments before they [the remains] were handed over to the [other [Martyrs'] families. Later, the Center for the Defence of the Individual organization called him personally and informed him of the decision to hand over his Martyr son Sarhan at 8:30 exactly, yesterday evening. [He noted that the occupation authorities] chose the right time to make the family's life miserable and deprive the family of the joy of their daughter's betrothal, so that [the joy] would be replaced by memories of their son Sarhan's Martyrdom death [when he] was assassinated by occupation forces in the city of Tulkarem on October 4, 2013 [sic] (should be 2003, -Ed.) for his having been responsible for the operation in the Metzer settlement that brought about the death of 6 Israelis.
At the end of the burial ceremonies, Tulkarem District Governor Abdullah Kamil delivered a eulogy and farewell speech on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas, in which he said: 'We part today from a brave, heroic fighter who fell defending Palestine, its land, its people and the land of Jerusalem.' He declared that the Palestinian leadership, headed by the President [Abbas], has devoted great attention to the matter of returning the Martyrs' remains, and has succeeded in marking many achievements in this area."
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Note: Sarhan Sarhan - member of the terrorist organization the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing). On Nov. 10, 2002, he entered Kibbutz Metzer in northern Israel and murdered Revital Ohayon, her sons Noam and Matan (aged four and five), Tirzah Damari, and kibbutz secretary Yitzhak Dori. Sarhan was killed by an Israeli army force on Oct. 4, 2003 and his body was transferred to the PA on Feb. 23, 2014.

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