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America is responsible for the suffering of all people

Headline: "Dub'aya, Dub'aya [lit: "W W", i.e. George W. Bush] what have you done to yourself?"
 “George W. Bush said he turned from a reckless, drunk young man to a new man… Dub'aya ["W"] realized that America is hated in the world… And we clearly see the stupidity that Americans use to clean up the blood they spilled in the world. For one month, they sent a charming American woman, and gave her a mission to go around countries to improve the image of America for the people, which is similar to what the Bush family did when they sent one of their servants to clean up the tracks of young Dub'aya’s ["W"] wild behavior in the nightclubs. America is drunk with the wine of strength and treats the world wildly… How numerous are the bartenders of America and how great [lit: strong] is their responsibility for the suffering of all people."