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Palestinian official accuses Israel of trying to “falsify history and steal” Palestinian heritage

“District Governor of Tubas and the Northern Jordan Valley Rabih Al-Khandaqji opened the Palestinian Heritage exhibit in the village of Al-Aqaba yesterday [Feb. 25, 2014], as part of the national campaign, ‘The History of the Land from Grandfather to Grandson,’ which was organized by the Ma’an Development Center and the British Cultural Council, in coordination with the districts. The [campaign’s] aim is to protect and preserve the [Palestinian] cultural heritage and disseminate it in the region and the world, in light of the Israeli attempts to falsify and steal it…
Al-Khandaqji praised the organizations and institutions participating in the exhibit for their work, and said that the large numbers of public figures from the district in the village of Al-Aqaba expresses the national and popular consensus regarding the history of our people and the protection of its [history], as well as regarding [its] refusal of the occupation’s continuing attempts to falsify history and to steal the culture and heritage of the ancient Palestinian people. He also said: ‘We must muster our strength to protect our heritage, our history and our land against the actions of the occupation, which aims to erase [our] historic characteristics.’”

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