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Japan has given PA a total of $1 billion 380 million to date, promises $200 million more

“[Palestinian] Prime Minister [Rami Hamdallah] praised Japan’s ongoing aid to the Palestinian government, and noted that so far, Japan has given [the PA] 1 billion 380 million dollars. He also expressed [hope] that this aid would continue.
The Japanese foreign minister emphasized his country’s commitment to achieving peace on the way to an independent Palestinian state, and declared that the Japanese government would give 200 million dollars to the Palestinian government in budgetary aid, to humanitarian [aid] groups and for projects, especially the civil industrial agricultural projects in Jericho. He also noted that 62 million dollars would be paid this month [March 2014]…
The foreign minister of Singapore announced that his country would pay 5 million dollars in aid for the construction of institutions in Palestine.”