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PA minister denies Jewish history and complains of “Judaization” of Jerusalem

“[PA] Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash emphasized that the continuing settlement and Judaization of the holy city [Jerusalem], the attacks on its holy sites, the escalating Israeli aggression against Jerusalem, the falsifying of its history with the aim of erasing its cultural, human and historical heritage, and the demographic and geographic changes in the city are all moves that are null and void according to international law, the decisions of the international institutions, and the Geneva and Hague Conventions for the Protection of Cultural Property.
In addition, he warned again of the danger of the racist Israeli violations being planned against [the] Al-Aqsa [Mosque], the Ibrahimi Mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs), and the rest of our people’s holy sites, all of which confirm that Israel’s aim is to tighten its control over [the] Al-Aqsa [Mosque], in preparation for destroying it and building their alleged Temple.”
From WAFA, official PA news agency