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Fatah official condemns Hamas attack on Fatah funeral along, with Hamas interference in PA terror attacks on Israel

“Fatah Central Committee Member Sultan Abu Al-Einein condemned the attack on the memorial service for the Martyr (Shahid) leader Ahmad Mufrij ‘Abu Hamid’ by armed members of Hamas.
Abu Al-Einein said: ‘Hamas is turning into a band of Mongols in its aggressiveness towards Fatah members in Gaza. Today it [Hamas] sabotaged the history of Fatah’s struggle and behaved like hooligans towards it, even as it [Hamas] is turning into a division that protects the occupation’s borders and a force that subjugates our [Fatah] people in the Gaza Strip – [our people] who were kidnapped by those who carried out the military takeover.’
He added: ‘The attack on the Fatah memorial service is not far from the roles Hamas constantly fills when it arrests members of Fatah and the other organizations that are attempting to carry out operations (i.e. terror attacks) against the Israeli enemy.’”

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