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Non-recognition terminology on PA TV: "Palestine occupied since ’48"

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV Live broadcast a conference about “Kerry, Palestine, and the Jewish State, from a Palestinian and International Perspective. The conference was held at the An-Najah University in Nablus. Israeli-Arab MP Ahmad Tibi was among the participants.
Dr. Hassan: “My question to you, Dr. [Tibi, is]: In view of this situation, it is clear that Israel is trying to erect a fortified wall against the establishment of a single, democratic state (i.e., the one-state solution)? You are Palestinians from Palestine occupied since ’48 (i.e., Israel); what is your position on this issue?”...
Israeli-Arab MP Ahmad Tibi: "We, I, in terms of political and national interests, if they offer us the single state [ie: granting all Arabs between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river Israeli citizenship] - [well,] at least that’s my only chance of becoming prime minister of Israel – if its name stays the same [Israel]. In the first round [of elections], we will keep the name [Israel] as is. So it’s no coincidence that they refuse to cooperate fully on the one-state solution.”