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President of Palestinian college: “Palestinian church was active before any other church in the world”

     “On the third day of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference organized by the Bethlehem Bible College with the participation of an elect group of theologians and Evangelical Christian leaders from around the world, the lecturers demonstrated the reality of life in the Palestinian territories…
Dr. Mitri Raheb, President of the Diyar Consortium and President of the Dar Al-Kalima College, gave a lecture on the Palestinian Church, which was active before any other church in the world…
Raheb added that although Palestine had experienced and been subjected to several occupations between the present occupation and the ancient one, the original Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, had lived side by side…
In addition, he noted that the racist Zionist aspirations began in 1831, with a racist initiative of the Zionist Christians, who wrote lies and racist speeches in which they claimed that Palestine was unpopulated – [claims] which later served as a basis for the Zionist lie, which planned to dominate not just Palestine, but several [other] countries as well, such as Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt.”
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