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Director of Fatah organization praises terrorist: "She wrote the heroic epic of women's ‎deeds in the armed ‎struggle” ‎

Official PA TV program Palestine This ‎Morning hosted Najah ‎ Aliwa, a former ‎member of Fatah’s ‎ supreme leadership ‎in Gaza and the director of the Daughters ‎of Yasser Forum – a Fatah women’s ‎organization.‎
Former Fatah leadership member and ‎director of the Daughters of Yasser ‎Arafat Forum Najah Aliwa: “The first ‎female [Palestinian] released prisoner, ‎our sister – to whom I send regards… our ‎sister Fatima Barnawi. History testifies to ‎her life story. She wrote the heroic epic of ‎women’s deeds in the struggle – the ‎armed struggle.” ‎

Fatima Barnawi attempted to carry out a ‎terror attack by placing a bomb in a movie ‎theater in Jerusalem in 1967, but the attack ‎was thwarted. She was serving a life sentence ‎but was released in 1977.‎