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Palestinian children taught paradise is reward for martyrdom

A PA TV video features Muhammad Al-Dura, the boy who was killed in a televised crossfire in Gaza in 2000. Al-Dura calls other children to follow him to a joyous child-Martyr Paradise.

Text on screen: "I am waving to you, not in parting, but to say follow me (by) Muhammad Al-Dura" Narrator: "How sweet is the fragrance of the martyrs. How sweet is the fragrance of the earth, its thirst quenched by the gush of blood flowing from the youthful body. How sweet is the fragrance of the earth. The boy [Muhammad Al-Dura] cried: 'Oh father, till we meet, till we meet, father, till we meet, I will go with no fear and without crying. How sweet is the fragrance of the martyrs. I will go, father, to my place in heaven. How sweet is the fragrance of the martyrs. Oh father, till we meet, till we meet, Oh father, till we meet.'"

Note: This video was broadcast hundreds of times on PA TV from 2001 – 2008.

Muhammad Al-Dura - 12-year-old Palestinian boy shot and killed after being caught in crossfire when Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli soldiers on Sept. 30, 2000, the second day of the PA terror campaign (the second Intifada, 2000-2005). The PA blamed Israel for the shooting that killed Al-Dura, but investigation by the Israeli army and by both German and French journalists in 2002 and 2004 determined that the bullets shot in his direction could not have been fired from the position of the Israeli forces. Nonetheless the PA used his death as a driving force to incite Palestinians to join in the terror campaign, broadcasting pictures of Al-Dura in the crossfire numerous times daily, and successfully inciting Palestinians to go out and murder Israelis to avenge his alleged killing by Israel. Some have compared the unscrupulous use of his death to successfully motivate the murder of Israelis to the blood libels of the Middle Ages, when blaming deaths of children on Jews led to the murder of thousands of Jews.


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