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Arab official: Palestinian issue is the primary issue the Arab nation currently faces

The Chairman of the Arab Parliament chose to focus on the Palestinian issue, not current events in Syria, as the "primary issue for the Arab nation" at this time. Israel is presented as a threat not just to Palestinians but to the entire Arab world.
“Chairman of the Arab Parliament (i.e., parliament established under the Arab League) Ahmed Al-Jarwan said that the Palestinian issue is the cardinal and central issue, and the primary issue for the Arab nation and the Islamic nation, until all its [Palestine’s] lands are liberated and its entire people return. In his speech to the 130th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union… he added that the peace required is a just peace that will restore full rights to its owners…
Al-Jarwan added: ‘The occupation is the greatest threat to security and peace in the region, as the women, men, youth and even children of the proud Palestinian nation are being kidnapped in the [West] Bank, murdered with rockets and starved to death under siege in Gaza. So what peace are you talking about, while the Israeli occupier is expanding his settlements?’”
From WAFA, official PA news agency