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Chicago Sun-Times: Obama fails to mention PMW-exposed incitement in talks with Abbas

Stand up for Israel when it counts

by Steve Huntley

Obama welcomed Abbas to the White House Monday as a man of peace who had rejected violence. But the president made no mention of what Netanyahu correctly described as the “incessant Palestinian incitement against Israel’’ that doesn’t prepare the Palestinian people for the hard decisions needed for peace and can only encourage those who do practice terrorism.

Not only does he not discourage hate language, Abbas even descends into it. In a recent speech in Morocco, Abbas called the record of more than three millennia of Jewish history in Jerusalem a “delusional myth,” reports Palestinian Media Watch.

This underlines that the fundamental obstacle to peace is not Israeli home building in West Bank communities but the refusal of Palestinians — and the wider Arab and Muslim worlds — to accept Israel as the Jewish state...

Kerry expressed irritation with Israel’s insistence on Palestinian recognition of the Jewish state...Kerry also suggested a failure of the current talks could lead to isolation and boycotts of Israel. Obama amplified that position by saying that if there’s no peace deal and settlement construction continues, “then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited.”

Obama and Kerry come across as telling an ally they know better than it about the dangers it faces. That only confirms suspicions overseas that America under Obama doesn’t know how to treat friends.


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