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PA embassy official praises Palestinian mothers of Jihadists at ceremony in UNESCO Palace

“The Fatah movement, the movement’s institutions and Lebanese and Palestinian civil institutions in Lebanon organized a Palestinian-Lebanese heritage exhibit yesterday [March 19, 2014] to celebrate Mothers’ Day at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut…
Advisor for Cultural [Affairs] at the Palestinian Embassy in Lebanon Maher Meshaiel, who represented PA Ambassador [to Lebanon] Ashraf Dabbour at the exhibit opening, said: ‘The Palestinian mother has qualities that set her apart from [other mothers] in the world, for she is the soldier, the fighter and the one who resists, and the hope protecting Palestine’s olive trees. She who was uprooted from her land has turned the nights of despair in the diaspora and exile into days of flowing hope. She has pulled out her gun, parted from her son with a smile and received him as a Martyr (Shahid) with ululations, in order to prevent the enemy from feeling the intoxication of his victory.’
For his part, Mustafa Hamdan, President of the Leadership Council of the Independent Nasserite Movement, or Al-Murabitoun (i.e., a Lebanese political party,) saluted Palestinian mothers and expressed his appreciation of them, calling the Palestinian mother the mother of all the sons of the Arab homeland, and the one who had, since and before 1948, and up to this very day, whenever a commander, fighter or Jihadist was killed, borne 100 children in his place, to become Martyrs for the homeland.”
From WAFA, official PA news agency