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Official PA daily: "Judaization" of Jerusalem based on "myths and fables" continues

Op-ed by Baha Rahal
“The series of Judaization actions in Jerusalem has been going on since the beginning of the occupation of the city and since the Arab armies were defeated and fled the battlefield in June 1967, abandoning the land of the Mi'raj (Muhammad’s Ascent to Heaven) and the Resurrection of the Dead to the occupation, which has tightened its grip on the city and begun to put forth mendacious and absurd claims and to invent [things] based on myths and fables…
Alone, Jerusalem counts the time [remaining]; alone, it stands in confronting a merciless enemy, who doesn’t hesitate to implement its plans and policy against the Holy City. This policy is not confined to isolating the city with the racist wall or driving out the residents of Jerusalem, and does not stop with the demolishing of homes, but aims for the destruction of the Islamic and Christian holy places in order to construct their alleged Temple on the ruins of the houses of Allah and the places of worship. This is the real challenge undermining the stability of Jerusalem these days – at a time when we are hearing a few hesitant voices that condemn or denounce. We do not hear the voice of the majority in the Arab and Islamic world, or the world at large – a fact which the occupation state sees as a golden opportunity, especially in the wake of the so-called ‘Arab Spring,’ the fighting going on in several countries, the explosions and violence in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and other places. These days, the Arabs are split and divided… Oh brothers, oh friends: There is no time to wait when [one is confronted] with an enemy racing against time. The time has come for you to desist from your old habit of condemning the occupation, which understands only the language of power.”