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Suicide attack accomplice is “badge of honor on all of our chests”

Official PA TV program In a Fighter’s Home visited the home of prisoner Amjad Takatka.
Guest at Takatka’s home: “First of all, we thank Palestine TV for their generous attention, [here] in Beit Fajar, in the home of fighter Amjad Takatka. It’s a great honor for us to visit this home today, the home of this fighter, to whom we send greetings of appreciation and respect. To him and all his fellow prisoners.”
Former Mayor of Beit Fajar: “I want to send warm greetings from us all, from all the people of the village, to Amjad, and I [want] to tell him that his reputation and his name are a badge of honor on all of our chests.”
Amjad Takatka’s daughter recites a poem she wrote for him: “To my father, whose courage is a torch and whose bravery is a legend.”

Note: Amjad Takatka is serving 6 life sentences and another 20 years for his involvement in a suicide attack carried out by Andalib Takatka, who killed 6 and wounded more than 80 people in the attack she carried out on April 12, 2002.

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