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PA Foreign Ministry: Liberman's land-swap proposal is a "fascist" plot to perpetrate "ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people"

“The [PA] Foreign Ministry condemned the ideas of the settler Liberman regarding what he calls the ‘population and land swap,’ calling them racist settler statements coming from the mouth of a gangster of the likes of occupier and exploiter Liberman, who treats the Palestinian issue as if it were an internal Israeli issue, and gives free rein to his expansionist, fascist dreams and aspirations at the expense of another people, whose land he is occupying and whose freedom he is stealing. In a statement issued yesterday [March 26, 2014], the Ministry emphasized that the only things supporting Liberman’s opinion are the exploiting occupation force and the laws of the Libermanian jungle.
The Ministry emphasized that the idea of a land swap was, from its inception, contingent on Israel’s recognition of the State of Palestine according to the 1967 borders, and that in such a case, the two states would be able to agree on an equivalent land swap, of small proportions only, acceptable to both sides. In addition, it [the Ministry] condemned Liberman’s ideas and rejected them completely, considering them clear calls for the increase of the settlement, expansion and Judaization of the Palestinian lands, as well as for the perpetration of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.”