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Fatah: We are "fighting nation engaged in Ribat," and we "bear the rifles of the revolution‎"

‎ “Unidentified individuals opened fire ‎yesterday [March 28, 2014] on the vehicle ‎of the Secretary of the Fatah branch in ‎Jenin, Ata Abu Rmeileh. …‎
Fatah’s Jenin branch issued a statement ‎in response to the attack, in which it said: ‎‎‘We will strike with an iron fist anyone ‎tempted to wreak havoc among the ranks ‎of our fighting nation engaged in Ribat ‎‎(i.e., religious conflict/war over land ‎claimed to be Islamic) at this politically ‎difficult stage of our national cause.’ The ‎statement emphasized that ‘[our] men bear ‎the rifles of the revolution on their ‎shoulders only to confront the oppressive ‎occupation, and the rifles that fired on the ‎car of [our] warrior brother, the Secretary of ‎the branch, Ata Abu Rmeileh… are the ‎rifles of mercenaries, rifles [of] civil war, ‎that received their orders from the Israeli ‎General Security Services.’”‎
From Ma'an, independent Palestinian ‎news agency