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USAID provides aid to Palestinian ‎universities

‎“The US Agency for International ‎Development, USAID, celebrated the ‎completion of the training of 29 expert ‎Microsoft software instructors today, ‎Saturday.‎ The agency [USAID] has worked these ‎past few months to establish four ‎Microsoft academies, in cooperation with ‎An-Najah National University, Al-Quds ‎University, Polytechnic University and ‎the Arab-American University in Jenin. ‎This [is being done] as part of [USAID’s] ‎leading role in supporting the IT sector‎."

Note: The Muslim student group at An-‎Najah University has posted antisemitic imagery ‎on its Facebook page and held an exhibit ‎glorifying Palestinian terrorists and bus ‎bombings.‎

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