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Authority television has started re-broadcasting incitement video clips

After three years of recess, the Palestinian television has returned to encouraging children to become shahids (martyrs). An actor dressed up as the child Muhammad Aldura, [whose] death in a shooting incident has become a symbol in the Palestinian struggle, is leading this campaign. The actor promises the young shahids to arrive at the "Heaven for children."
The video clip, which was broadcasted several times in the last few days on the Palestinian television, begins with Aldura saying: "I am waving to you, not to part, but to say follow me". Later on, the movie shows the child Aldura jumping joyfully in heaven, wandering on the beach, flying a kite and running towards a Ferris wheel.
The movie was already aired between the years 2000 and 2003, but was removed off screen after international protesting.
Itamar Marcus, head of "Palestinian Media Watch" agency, which is tracking the media developments in the [Palestinian] territories, said yesterday that "It is a clear sign, showing that the Palestinian government is renewing its battle tactics of sending children to the front lines, as human shields, in order for them to raise difficulties on IDF action."