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Fatah official: Israel was established as a barrier to Arab unity, which was stolen by the West

Elyaum, newspaper (Tunisia)  |
Tunisian on-line newspaper Elyaum‎ ‎interviewed Fatah Central Committee ‎Member Abbas Zaki. The interview was ‎posted on YouTube on March 30, 2014.‎
Fatah Central Committee Member Abbas ‎Zaki: “We in Fatah still retain the principle ‎of armed struggle – but it should be used ‎‎[only] when it is useful to us and when it ‎exacts a heavy price from the enemy…‎
Our Middle East is rich in energy. I believe ‎the time has come for people to know why ‎Israel was established ‎…‎
They said it was necessary to establish a ‎human barrier, which is Israel, which ‎would separate the western parts of the ‎Arab world from its eastern parts, would ‎control the region’s resources – that is, oil ‎and industry – and prevent the Arabs from ‎regaining their unity and culture, which the ‎West had taken from them.”‎

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