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Jpost op-ed references PMW bulletin on PA claim that Western Wall belongs to Muslims

Islamic intolerance and the Temple Mount

By Charles Bybelezer

There will never be peace, not in Israel nor anywhere else in the region, until Muslims reconcile themselves to a co-existence with the “others” in their midst.

In the interim, Jews must adamantly and proudly defend their title and free access to their holy places. This is especially crucial in light of a new report by Palestinian Media Watch showing that the PA is now setting its sights on the Western Wall.

“The al-Buraq Wall [i.e. the Western Wall] is an authentic part of the al-Aksa Mosque only,” PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Habbash is quoted as saying. Former Palestinian chief justice Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi believes that the Western Wall “is Islamic and belongs to Muslims alone,” thus Jews “have no right” to pray there.

Asserting Jewish rights – including the inalienable right for Jews to dwell in their biblical heartland – is not only just, but doing so will also begin to effectively erode the prevailing narrative that anything and everything other than the Palestinian yearning to cleanse Israel of Jews is responsible for the two-decade-long failure to usher in peace in our time.