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Mother of suicide bombing organizer tells PA TV: "We are proud of him and of his ‎Martyrdom‎"

Official PA TV program a Martyr’s Tale ‎visited the home of Hani Hashash.‎
Mother of Hani Hashash: “He [carried out] ‎many operations (i.e., terror attacks) – ‎there was an operation at Joseph’s Tomb ‎‎(near Nablus). He confronted the soldiers ‎and the same day he hit a soldier and the ‎soldier died, and he came home happy, ‎he was very happy, and all youths (Hani’s ‎friends) came over. They knew that Hani ‎had hit a soldier and the soldier had died ‎in a confrontation. He was very happy ‎about this operation he’d carried out, was ‎proud [of it]. He was always a hero and ‎leader of Jihad, he always engaged in ‎confrontations and activities in the ‎‎[refugee] camp. He protected his people ‎and his homeland…”‎
Friend of Hani Hashash: “There was a ‎need for a group from this people that ‎would think to pick up weapons, think ‎about the national activity for the ‎Palestinian national achievement – and ‎that’s what everyone dreamt of and ‎thought about … and Hani was one of ‎those who thought of picking up the ‎weapon and resisting the occupation, for ‎the achievement of the Palestinian ‎national plan.”‎
Mother of Hani Hashash: “Praise be to ‎Allah, he killed soldiers and wounded ‎soldiers and died a Martyr (Shahid). Praise ‎be to Allah, he makes us proud. We are ‎proud of him and of his Martyrdom.”‎

Hani Hashash
– a member of the Al-Aqsa ‎Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s military wing) ‎who organized the March 30, 2006 ‎Kedumim bombing. In that attack, suicide ‎bomber Ahmed Masharqa blew himself up ‎near the entrance to the West Bank town of ‎Kedumim, killing 4 Israelis – Rafi and ‎Helena Halevi, Reut Feldman and Shaked ‎Lasker. Hashash was killed during an ‎exchange of fire with an elite Israeli police ‎unit in the Balata refugee camp on Aug. ‎‎29, 2006.‎