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Palestinian anti-normalization committee congratulates Tunisian boxer on beating Israeli boxer

The PA uses the term "normalization" to refer to any joint activity, project, or program between Israelis and Palestinians. The PA frequently rejects "normalization" with Israel, whether in sports, at cultural events, at conferences, etc.
“Secretary-General of the National Committee for the Struggle Against Normalization [in Sports] Jihad Uweida sent a telegram of congratulations to Tunisian boxer Alaa Al-Din Abd Al-Lawi for winning the French University Cruiserweight Boxing Championship. [Al-Lawi] defeated an Italian boxer, a Spanish boxer and two French boxers – two by knockout – and on Friday he had a match against an Israeli boxer. [At first] he refused to face the Israeli boxer, because he viewed this as a form of normalization and betrayal of the blood of the Palestinian Martyrs (Shahids). However, he [later] changed his mind and decided to face [the Israeli]. He taught his opponent a hard lesson and won by knockout, and dedicated his victory to the Palestinian people. Uweida sent the Tunisian champion a telegram of congratulations and said an appreciation ceremony would be held for him in the Jordanian capital …
He [Al-Lawi] succeeded in defeating the Israeli Daniel Maron with three strong punches that knocked him to the ground, necessitating his immediate evacuation to the hospital with a fracture in the jaw area.”