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PA funds fertility treatments for released prisoners, who are “victims of the occupation”

     “[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake disclosed that the Palestinian government has allocated 150,000 shekels for fertility treatments to help prisoners who are having difficulties having children…
In an exclusive interview with Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Karake said: ‘We believed there were only a small number of prisoners in need of financial aid to have children through fertilization, but to our surprise, since the government announced it intends to assist prisoners in this matter, we have received requests from 60 prisoners in two months. This means we are dealing with a phenomenon worthy of attention, and scientific research must be conducted to discover the true reasons behind prisoner infertility…’
[PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs] Karake and Health Minister Jawad Awad signed an agreement to purchase an IVF service for the wives of released male prisoners and for released female prisoners who are unable to conceive naturally. The National Fund for Aiding and Supporting Released Palestinian Prisoners and their Families will cover the financial costs…
He [Karake] explained that the government assigns special importance to the prisoners’ issue, which is always on the government’s agenda, and that Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah is making every effort to provide the necessary resources for improving the prisoners’ conditions, both within and outside of the prisons, because caring for the prisoners is a national, pan-Arab and human duty and is part of defying the occupation…
Karake expressed his opposition to all the Zionist attempts to pressure the PA and place it under financial siege for caring for the prisoners and their families. He said: ‘The prisoners are prisoners of freedom and warrior prisoners, as established by the four Geneva Conventions, which we submitted requests to join. The prisoners are victims of the occupation and the world must act to make this occupation vanish.'”