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Freedom of press violations on the rise in PA territories

“[In its] monthly report, the Freedom Committee of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate indicated a serious increase in freedom of press violations in the Palestinian territories…
[The article describes a series of freedom of press violations by Israel, including claims that live ammunition was used against journalists. The article also includes a shorter list of Palestinian violations:]
March 6 – Al -Hurra TV reporter Faten Al-Wan and Al-Hurra TV photographer Yahya Habayed were shoved and threatened by a security guard while covering a women’s sit-down strike in front of the Muqata’a (the PA's Presidential Headquarters) in Ramallah.
March 9 – The [PA] Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Ramallah prevented an appreciation [ceremony] for journalist Nahed Abu Teimah [from taking place] in response to comments [she posted] on her Facebook page.
March 15 – [PA] Minister of Finance Shukri Bishara filed a lawsuit against journalist Ja’afar Sadqa for publishing an article about the Finance Ministry.
March 29 – Palestinian Security personnel prevented a crew from local Wattan TV… from covering a Hizb Ut-Tahrir [political organization] protest in the Abd Al-Nassar Mosque in Ramallah.”