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USAID launches company together with ‎Palestinian universities

‎ “The US Agency for International ‎Development, USAID, in cooperation with ‎four local universities, has launched the ‎Ibdaa company to support entrepreneurs ‎through research and development ‎initiatives between the universities and ‎the private sector, with a 300,000 dollar ‎financing portfolio.‎
This took place during a press conference ‎held yesterday [April 13, 2014] in the ‎lounge of the Orjuwan restaurant in ‎Ramallah to announce the launch of the ‎Ibdaa company… [The press conference] ‎was attended by the US Agency’s Director ‎of Development Projects in the Private ‎Sector [Ghassan Al-Jamal] and by ‎representatives from An-Najah National ‎University, [Palestine] Polytechnic ‎University, Al-Khalil University, Al-Quds ‎University, the Arab-American University ‎and institutions from the private sector.”‎

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