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PA duplicity: Glorify terrorists to Palestinians, condemn terror to Israelis

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
PA duplicity:
PA minister told Palestinians about terrorist prisoners:
They are not criminals,  
their hands committed no crime, 
they are an authentic element
of the Palestinian movement [March 28, 2014]

The same minister told Israeli journalists about this week's murder of Israeli civilian: 
"It hurts... We condemn the killing of any person.
The principle of killing and violence is completely unacceptable" [April 16, 2014] 

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik 

PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash met with Israeli journalists today and condemned this week's murder of an Israeli:
"This Israeli who was murdered, it hurts... We condemn the killing of any person. The principle of killing and violence is completely unacceptable."  
[Israel Army Radio, April, 16, 2014]
Yet, just two weeks ago, this same Al-Habbash defended and honored all Palestinian terrorists who are in Israeli prisons: 

"All the Palestinian prisoners who protected [our] land, honor and homeland are prisoners of freedom; they are prisoners of war. They are not criminals, will never be and have never been. Their hands committed no crime. They were defending themselves. They are an inseparable part of this national Palestinian movement and one of its authentic elements."

[Official PA TV March 28, 2014]

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This is another example of PA's policy of duplicity: The minister told the authentic Palestinian message to Palestinians and the opposite message to Israelis and the West. When PA Minister Al-Habbash defined Palestinian prisoners as people whose "hands committed no crime" and who are "an authentic element" of the Palestinian movement, he was including well known imprisoned terrorists like Abdallah Barghouti, (67 life sentences), Ibrahim Hamed, (54 life sentences) and Abbas Al-Sayid, (35 life sentences), all imprisoned for planning suicide bombings that murdered in all 156 civilians.

Today's statement to Israelis that "we condemn the killing of any person" is an attempt to hide the ongoing PA support for murder of Israelis when speaking to Israelis. PMW has documented this double speak in the book Deception - Betraying the Peace Process, which details the PA's messages to Palestinians of non-recognition of Israel, demonization and hate speech, and promotion of violence and glorification of terrorists.

to see more examples PMW's documentation of the PA and Fatah's glorification of terrorists.

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