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Official PA daily: Israel is a "terrorist state founded on biblical myths"

Al-Hayat, newspaper (UK)  |
Op-ed by Jihad Al-Khazen in the official PA daily, re-printed from the London-based Al-Hayat:
"The news [reported] that Israel's Foreign Minister, Avigdor Liberman, said he had held talks with Saudia Arabia and Kuwait, and that Israel can establish diplomatic relations with the Gulf states, since they share Israel's fear of Iran...
Liar, son of a liar, from a terrorist Khazar dynasty, immigrant thug from Moldova, with no right to be in occupied Palestine. The other war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu, had already alluded to dialogue and relations with the Gulf states against Iran. The Gulf states undoubtedly have reason to be concerned about Iran's Persian aspirations, but they won't deal with them through cooperation with an occupying terrorist state founded on biblical myths...
The Temple Mount is another biblical myth and is not beneath the Noble Sanctuary (Islamic name for the Temple Mount), or above it, or anywhere else. That is a fact, not an opinion, since Yitzhak Rabin, during his first government in the 1980’s, excavated beneath the “Noble Sanctuary” and found the remains of an Umayyad [Islamic] palace, which he tried to restore, but the religious parties resisted him. They told him: ‘[You are] adding sin to crime,’ a phrase… meaning, in this context, that not only did he not find remains of the Temple Mount, but wanted to restore an Umayyad Temple instead.”
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