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Official PA daily announces amendments to the Prisoners' Law

“The end of the meetings of the professional ministerial committee for the Released Prisoners’ Law was announced yesterday [April 22, 2014]. The results show that the Prisoners’ and Released [Prisoners’] Law, which took effect at the beginning of 2014, apparently does not contradict the provisions of the law, and that the financial implications which had been discussed in figures were not realistic.
After the discussions, [the committee] agreed to make amendments to several simple sections which had not been at the center of the controversy surrounding the law – the most important of these [amendments] being the cancellation of the additional sum [allocated] to wives and children in the Regulation for Securing Employment for Prisoners, and the fixing of the salary for married men at 2,000 shekels and for bachelors at 1,500.
According to a statement issued by the [Palestinian] Prisoners’ Club, the recommendations reached by the committee with the relevant parties, will be submitted to the government for approval, so that the law will take effect in the beginning of this June [2014], and retroactively from the beginning of the year, following the updating of all the data relating to the prisoners.”