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Washington Free Beacon on Hamas video exposed by PMW: "Our harvest is your heads"

Hamas to Israeli Soldiers: ‘Our Harvest is Your Heads’

 by Washington Free Beacon Staff

The terror group Hamas has been running propaganda videos on its television station depicting the murder of Israeli soldiers and warning, “Our harvest is your heads.”

Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV has been broadcasting the video, according to the media-monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

As actors portraying Israeli soldiers enter into the Gaza Strip, the video states, “You will end up in hell.”

The Israeli soldiers are then shot one-by-one in the head followed by a Hamas militant stealing the dead soldiers’ dog tags.

The video then states: “Our harvest is your heads.”

Hamas recently entered into a unity government with the rival Palestinian faction Fatah. The agreement effectively killed the peace process with Israel, but led groups such as J Street to demand that Israel begin negotiations with the terror group committed to its destruction.