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Fatah official: Armed "resistance is still [in] the genetic code of all Fatah ‎members‎"

El-Hadath, ‎ sister channel of Al Arabiya ‎News, posted an interview with Deputy ‎Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee ‎Jibril Rajoub to Youtube.‎
El-Hadath interviewer: “What about the ‎armed activity, sir? You mentioned the ‎issue of armed activity and resistance – for ‎Hamas, this is a fundamental thing.”‎
Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central ‎Committee Jibril Rajoub: “Listen, Sir. No, ‎no, no. Let no one argue with Fatah on ‎this issue. We were the ones who led the ‎armed struggle, and the resistance is still ‎part of our national principles. ‎Nevertheless, we agreed on May 4, 2011 – ‎all factions of the Palestinian activity, and ‎it was [Hamas leader] Khaled Mashaal ‎who read out the plan on their behalf – ‎‎[we agreed] that at this stage, popular ‎resistance was a strategic choice. We are ‎a project of liberation, not a project of ‎suicide. We are a project for the ‎establishment of a state, not a project that ‎won’t lead anywhere, or lead to anarchy. ‎Sir, [armed] resistance is still [in] the ‎genetic code of all Fatah members. But ‎the resistance our people will be able to ‎endure is a resistance that encircles the ‎occupation. The discussion at this stage, ‎about ‘armed resistance or unarmed ‎resistance’ – plays into the Israelis’ hands. ‎The Israelis want to draw us into their ‎court, but we won’t play in their court.”‎
El-Hadath interviewer: “That is, Fatah is ‎not against the [armed] resistance; it ‎‎[resistance] is one of its principles, but the ‎choice at this time is the negotiation ‎option.”‎
Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central ‎Committee Jibril Rajoub: “Sir, forget about ‎the negotiation or no negotiation option. ‎What we agreed upon on May 4 is the ‎political plan for the Palestinian people’s ‎struggle. The Palestinian state is our first ‎priority; popular resistance has the ‎consent of the people. Let no one play ‎with people’s feelings, [trying to make it ‎seem] like he’s resisting [the occupation] ‎and the others aren’t resisting. I hope that ‎our brothers in Hamas will understand ‎this, and that they will re-examine [things] ‎to guarantee the unity of our political ‎conduct and our struggle. Resistance as ‎an idea and as [a mode of] behavior is still ‎part of the national and organizational ‎principles of all Fatah members.”‎

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