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Palestinian researchers: "No truth to the Jewish claim that the Temple ‎of Solomon was in Jerusalem‎"

Headline: “Researchers: Serious ‎inconsistencies in Israeli versions of the ‎‎‘location of the Temple’”
‎“Zakariya Al-Sinwar ‎, a lecturer in modern ‎and contemporary history at the Islamic ‎University [in Gaza], said that there were ‎inconsistencies in the Israeli theories ‎regarding the location of the ‘Temple.’‎
During a conference organized by the Al-‎Quds International Institution in Gaza on ‎the subject of the alleged ‘Temple’… ‎several researchers and experts ‎participating in the conference emphasized ‎that there was no truth to the Jewish claim ‎that the Temple of Solomon was in ‎Jerusalem – especially in light of the fact ‎that no remains have been found to support ‎the biblical theory. They demanded that ‎interest ‎ in research be increased, to ‎reveal the lie behind the Jewish claim and ‎to reveal the crimes of the occupation and ‎the continuous excavations in the area of ‎the Al-Aqsa Mosque. ‎
Researcher Omar Al-Kharroubi said that the ‎strange thing was that [although] the ‎Jewish story maintains that the alleged ‎Temple was built in the tenth century BCE, ‎the talk about it being located beneath the ‎Al-Aqsa Mosque began only 800 years ago. ‎In addition, the Jews began sanctifying the ‎Mosque’s Western Wall no more than 400 ‎years ago – ‘[a fact] which proves the ‎Jewish lie.’”‎

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