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Israel Hayom references PMW research on PA Holocaust denial

Holocaust denial -- part of Palestinian narrative

by Nadav Shragai
When Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas finally says that "the Holocaust is the most awful crime every committed against humanity in the modern age" and accepts that Holocaust Remembrance Day is "an especially mournful day," the burden of proof is on him to show he's not just sputtering remarks to be left by the wayside. The Palestinian experience, you should know, has for years conveyed conflicting messages, sometimes even antitheses.

And it is within the framework of this existence that Abbas' rehashed Gaza partner puts on a children's play complete with ovens "showing how Israel burns Palestinians inside"; a crossword puzzle in the official PA newspaper defines Yad Vashem as "the center for perpetuating the Holocaust and such lies"; and even Jibril Rajoub, a popular interviewee in Israeli media, lets himself flip historical incidents from the Holocaust on their heads. The Fatah Central Committee deputy secretary -- and the hope of several asinine Israelis -- recently (April 4, 2014) went on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel and explained that "if Hitler were to visit, he would learn about human oppression from [the Israelis] ... the concentration camps and the mass extermination camps."
Click to view PMW bulletin that exposed this story

Israelis don't regularly engage with the Palestinian side throughout the workweek, but material provided by outlets such as Palestinian Media Watch, which has for years documented the widespread lies and incitement against Israel and Zionism within internal Palestinian discourse, casts doubt on any and all of Abbas' statements. The work of PMW and others has shown how Holocaust denial and its concomitant distortions of reality have become part and parcel of the Palestinian narrative...

He who is hell-bent on printing maps of the area without any trace of Israel, calling Haifa, Lod and Acre settlements, does not leave much room for the imagination regarding his personal views. Abbas' comments will only be credible if the PA holds a discussion about Holocaust denial, and not just in France, and only if the PA integrates chapters on the Holocaust and the attempted annihilation of the Jewish people into its textbooks. Until that happens, everything Abbas' says must, at least, be subject to wide suspicion.