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PA Minister of Religious Affairs demands all of Jerusalem for Palestinians, "Or there will be no peace"; Fatah-Hamas government will function "with one leadership and one weapon"

Official PA TV broadcast the Friday sermon from the Al-Tashrifat Mosque in the presidential compound in Ramallah. The sermon was delivered by PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash. The audience included PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and PA Finance Minister Jawad Naji.
PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash: “Our rights are non-negotiable and we state them clearly. We want a real state with clear borders, with Jerusalem as its capital – and hear [me] well: Jerusalem as its capital, not with its capital in Jerusalem; its capital is the whole of Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem – who ever wishes [otherwise], let them wish [otherwise] and whoever opposes, let them oppose, in spite of them. Jerusalem will be nothing other than ours, or there will be no peace…
Forming one government for one people, one authority, one state, with one leadership and one weapon; with one decision that will lead, in a few months’ time, to free elections, in which the Palestinian people will state its will…
[The new unity government] will concentrate the administrative decisions (i.e., all internal affairs) of the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people under one umbrella, one authority, one weapon and one security [establishment], which will protect the rights of the Palestinian people and the dignity of the Palestinian person.”

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