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Official PA TV: Israel poisons prisoners and released prisoners

Official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem hosted Ahmed Safadi, brother of Israeli-Arab lawyer Amjad Safadi.
Amjad Safadi – a lawyer from East Jerusalem who was arrested on March 6, 2014, on suspicions of transferring messages and money from Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners in Israeli jails to their families in the Gaza Strip. He committed suicide in his home on April 22, a few days after having been released from administrative detention, and a week before he was due to stand trial in court on charges of contact with a foreign agent, providing service to an unlawful association and performing property transaction for terrorist purposes.

Ahmed Safadi, brother of Israeli-Arab lawyer Amjad Safadi:
“I maintain that the occupation gave Amjad a few pills and a few medicaments that led to his death, led to the deterioration of his health and mental condition. That’s the claim and it will be proven soon, Allah willing. Therefore, this affair was planned by the occupation.”
PA TV Host: “Ahmed, there is a clear message here from the occupation state, including all its apparatuses, to the prisoners and the released prisoners and to all the lawyers working for the prisoners: ‘Beware – your fate will be like that of Amjad.’”