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The Daily Caller posts PMW-exposed video: Palestinian TV teaches kids to shoot Jews

Palestinian TV To Children:
When You Grow Up, Shoot All Jews

by Jamie Weinstein

A children’s television show on a Hamas-run TV station is encouraging kids to massacre Jews when they grow up.

A young girl on Al-Aqsa TV’s “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” told a child host that she wants to grow up to be a policeman so she “can shoot Jews,” according to a translation of the May 2 episode by Palestinian Media Watch.

The host then excitedly asked: “All of them?”

“Yes,” the young girl replied, to which the child host responded, “good.”


At another point during the episode, a second host dressed in a friendly bee costume told a boy who called into the show to attack any Jews that come near him.

“Listen, friend, do like this with your hands, and when they come to you, punch them,” he explained. “Make their face red like a tomato.”

Israel has long criticizedPalestinian television for inciting hatred and violence against Jews.