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Official PA daily calls suicide attack "a quality operation"

“The Prisoners of Palestine Research Center said prisoner Ahmed Muhammad Obeid, 48, from Jerusalem, was taken to the Soroka Hospital [in Be’er Sheva] by the occupation authorities three times last week after his medical condition deteriorated.
Researcher Riyad Al-Ashqar said prisoner Obeid was arrested on Sept. 22, 2004 and received 7 life sentences and 32 years for leading two Martyrdom-seekers (i.e., suicide bombers), who carried out a quality operation, in which 15 Israelis were killed and 80 wounded [to the scene of their attack]. Several months ago, Obeid began suffering from strong pain and significant swelling in his left shin, as a result of which he cannot stand or move. He demanded to be hospitalized more than once to discover the cause of the pain, but the prison management had no regard for his life and did not care about his health, as a result of which his health deteriorated, forcing it [the prison management] to hospitalize him immediately.”

Ahmad Obeid – is a Hamas terrorist from East Jerusalem who is serving 7 life sentences and 30 years in prison. He and Nael Obeid planned the Hillel Café suicide attack in Jerusalem on Sept. 9, 2003 in which 7 people were killed, and they brought the terrorist to the place of the attack. PMW has not been able to verify Obeid's involvement in the second bombing.

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