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Israel is the head of a snake, being cut off by Fatah-Hamas "reconciliation" in official PA daily cartoon

Israel is the head of a snake,
being cut off by Fatah-Hamas "reconciliation"
in cartoon in official PA daily
Imagery of Israel as "head of snake"
often appears in popular song

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

A cartoon in the official PA daily presents the reconciliation and unity between Fatah and Hamas as a means to destroy Israelis/Jews.




Israel is depicted as the head of a snake or worm, wearing a Jewish skull cap with a Star of David on it. The head may be intended to be a caricature of Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. Palestinian reconciliation is presented as an axe. Its blade is a hand with two fingers forming the sign of victory. The victory sign functions as a pair of scissors, cutting off the head of the snake - Israel. The text on the axe says: "Reconciliation." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 8, 2014] 


Israel is also depicted as "the snake's head" in a song often performed by Palestinian groups and broadcast on official PA TV. The song, which is originally an Egyptian song, demonizes Israel as "the snake's head," stating that "fire is in my hands" and that with "the rifle we will impose our new life."Palestinian Media Watchreported that the song was performed in front of several applauding PA leaders at a Fatah event in 2011, and it has been broadcast many times since then: 


"Oh Palestinians, the revolution is certain,
with the rifle we will impose our new life.
Oh Palestinians, [the Zionists] shot you with a rifle,
the Zionists kill your doves at the holy sites.
Oh Palestinians, I want to go and be with you.
With fire in my hands,
and together with you my hand will strike the snake's head [Israel]."
[PA TV (Fatah), Sept. 4, 5, and Oct. 17, 2011] 


Another version of the song was recently broadcast as part of an EU-funded program on official PA TV: 



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Click hereand here to see other versions of this song that have been broadcast on PA TV. 



A different song portrays Israel as "my enemy" and "a snake coiled around the land." It has been broadcast regularly on official PA TV since 2007:



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