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Hamas warns Israelis to leave or die


Hamas warns Israelis to leave or die,

in latest Hamas video 

taunting Israelis and Jews


Animated video sung to tune 

of Israel's national anthem

promises Israelis will be expelled 

to Germany and Russia


by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


Hamas' military wing, the Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, has produced a Hebrew language video mocking Israelis, sung to the tune of Israel's national anthem "Hatikva" ("The Hope"). It was posted on its website and on Hamas' TV's YouTube
 channel, to coincide with Israel's 66th Independence Day earlier this week. The animated video named "The End of Hope" shows Hamas soldiers conquering Israel and expelling Jews to Germany and Russia.


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Palestinian Media Watchhas documented Hamas' use of videos addressing Israelis, at times in Hebrew, as a propaganda tool. More examples are included at the end of this bulletin.


This latest propaganda video asserts that "the Zionists' army is made of wax and "is melting." A child is seen throwing a stone that causes Israel's Parliament Knesset to crumble. The song promises that all Jews will be forced to leave Israel while"the fool who insists [on remaining] - his fate is sealed - [he'll end up] under the ground," sung to pictures of Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Ze'evi who was murdered by PFLP terrorists in 2001, and Israel's current Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon with a target around his face. Israelis are then forced by Hamas soldiers to board ships to their "country of origin," as signs point to "deportation to Russia" and "deportation to Germany," while in the background are the bodies of Israeli soldiers. The video ends with Jews fleeing the Western Wall and Hamas soldiers standing victorious over the Dome of the Rock Mosque, which is flying Palestinian flags. The song announces that Jerusalem's name will be the Arabic "Beit Al-Maqdis" and not "Jerusalem." The final picture shows a burning Israeli flag with words "Israel will surely disappear."

A few weeks ago, Hamas produced a video showing Israeli soldiers being killed by a sniper, while text warned: "You will end up in Hell" and "Our harvest is your heads."



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In 2009, during the time Hamas held Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit hostage (2006-2011), the terror organization produced a video promising more kidnappings - "You [Israelis] will all be 'Gilads,' we'll capture you."


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Another video at the time
mocked Gilad Shalit himself, and promoted Hamas' policy of kidnapping more soldiers in order to free more prisoners. A Palestinian child talks to Shalit in chains: "Gilad, stay here, and pray that [Hamas] succeeds in capturing another [soldier], so you'll be freed. Bye."



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Right after the Gaza War (2008-2009), Hamas
issued a video presenting Hamas as victorious in the war, mocking Israeli soldiers as cowards, stating that "'whoever dares, let him come! Gaza is his certain death." 



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The following is the text of the recent Hamas video mocking the Israeli national anthem: 


Song on official website of the Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades:


Text in Hebrew and Arabic: "The end of Hatikva" (i.e., "The Hope" name of Israel's national anthem)

(to tune of Israel's national anthem)

(Full song in Hebrew)

"The Zionists' army is made of wax,

and already it is melting and has no hope.

The vile Jews who were here before,

someone tell me what is left of them.

Two groups: The first will be returned to its country of origin if it so chooses,

while the fool who insists [on remaining] -

his fate is sealed - [he'll end up] under the ground.

The name of the Holy City will be restored,

my capital [is named] Beit Al-Maqdis - not Jerusalem.

The name of the Holy City will be restored,

my capital [is named] Beit Al-Maqdis - not Jerusalem."

Text on Israeli flag: "Israel will surely disappear."


Images on screen:

(Israel's Parliament)

(Israeli leaders)

(Arch of Titus, celebrating Temple's destruction)

(Painting of Temple's destruction)

(Palestinians expel Israelis)

(Sign: "Deportation to Russia")

(Sign: "Deportation to Germany")

(Israeli Minister Zeevi killed by the PFLP)

(Sign: "Al-Qassam snipers wait in ambush")

(Jews at Western Wall in Jerusalem)

(Western Wall area turned into Arab housing neighborhood)

(Temple Mount occupied by Palestinians)


[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), May 5, 2014]

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