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Human rights commission: 497 complaints of ‎torture in 2013, 294 complaints in 2012‎

‎“During a press conference organized by ‎the Independent Commission for Human ‎Rights, at which it presented its 19th ‎annual report on the state of human rights ‎in Palestine… [the Commission] ‎addressed the complaints it continues to ‎receive regarding torture and ‎maltreatment, and noted that it had ‎received 497 complaints of torture and ‎threats during arrest, of which 150 were ‎from the [West] Bank and the rest from the ‎‎[Gaza] Strip – compared to 294 complaints ‎in 2012.‎
Furthermore, it [the Commission] noted ‎that it had received 67 complaints of ‎harsh, inhumane or humiliating treatment ‎‎– compared to 52 complaints of this kind ‎in 2012 – and 158 complaints of physical ‎or mental assault in 2013 – compared to ‎‎156 complaints of this kind in 2012. In ‎addition, it [the Commission] emphasized ‎that violations of the right to personal ‎freedom and the integrity of legal ‎proceedings during arrest and search ‎continue, alongside the constant ignoring ‎of court decisions or the delaying of their ‎implementation.”‎