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ADL poll: 72% of Palestinians believe Holocaust happened, but number of ‎Jews killed “greatly exaggerated”‎

From “The ADL Global 100: An Index of Antisemitism":

"‎1. Have you heard about the Holocaust in Europe during World War Two?‎
Don't know (volunteered)‎.....0%

‎2. Which of the following statement comes closest to your views about the Holocaust in ‎Europe during World War Two?
The Holocaust is a myth and did not happen‎.....‎10%
The Holocaust happened, but the number of Jews who died in it has been greatly ‎exaggerated by history.....‎72% 
The Holocaust happened, and the number of Jews who died in it have been fairly ‎described by history.....‎9%
Don't know (volunteered).....‎10%‎"

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