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Abbas reminisces about leaving land in 1948 before armies arrived

Mahmoud Abbas, Facebook  |
A video of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ reminiscing about 1948.
[Video clips of Abbas talking, interspersed with historic footage from 1948]

PA President Mahmoud Abbas: “During the last days, we began to feel the war approaching. The [prevailing] idea was that until the Arab armies arrived, the people would protect the land to the best of its ability, and the women and children would leave. To be honest, we were afraid. My family decided – I was the oldest of those who left with my brother’s wife and his two children – that they would move us. Where could we go? I remember [asking myself,] ‘Ok, how will I leave? What will I leave with?’ For example, I had two pairs of shoes, a new pair and an old pair. I said [to myself], ‘I’ll leave with the old pair, and leave the new pair for when we come back.’ Then, I remember looking at the city from outside, as if with a parting look.
I looked, and it truly was a look of sadness: Would I see this town again or would I never see it again? We left hoping we would return. They took us east, east of Safed, to the Jordan River. We wanted to cross the Jordan River alone, and head to Syria.”